Big fat headline. Communicate USP or arouse curiosity

1- Use Sub-Headings Like this One Frequently. This Makes Your Page "Skim-Friendly".

The first module is as simple as it is essential: one or two paragraphs of text.

What should this text be about? Think about this: out of everything you are offering on this page, out of all the reasons a new visitor should pay attention to what you do, what are the 3 most vital things they need to know right now?

I’m sure you have a lot to say about your business and your offer, but for right now, distil it down to the absolute minimum.

2- Product image.

This next module is an important step towards making your product more tangible and more real to your visitor.There are many images that you can add to a page to make it more effective, but the one image we’ll start with for this quick page is a product image. Something that visually represents the thing your visitor will get when the complete the conversion goal.If you don’t have a product image, you can get one done quickly and cheaply on or on (or any other marketplace like these).

3- Bullet point lists.

Your visitors are busy people and their attention is as limited as it is valuable.Bullet point lists (or any other kind of list) are a great way to deliver a message in a compact, easy to read format. Here’s what you can write about, in your list:

  • Give a teaser of the content your visitor can get from you.“
  • If you’re this kind of person, this product is for you” – identify your target audience.
  • Write about the problems that your product will solve.
  • Write about the positive outcomes that your product will create
  • Tell the visitor what they’ll miss out on if they don’t take you up on your offer.

4- Write about your Unique Selling Proposition. Bring the pain! Address objections.

The text section is the most repeatable and universally applicable module of the bunch. Each text section consists of a subheading and one or several paragraphs of text.

What should you write about ?

1) Write about your Unique Selling Proposition. Tell your visitors what sets your offer apart from the competition.

2) Bring the pain! Emphasize the problem or frustration your visitor is having.
Why? Because it’s a bonding experience: you are demonstrating that you really understand them.

3) Address objections. Sooth your visitor’s fears and objections about taking your offer.

5- Testimonials & Case Studies.

Testimonials and case studies can be very valuable additions to any landing page. The only reason they’re not higher up in this list is because it can take some extra time to get them.

If you don’t have any available yet, publish your page without this module, but make it one of you high priority tasks to go get some testimonials and set up some interesting and educational case studies.

The reason this module works so well is because it provides proof. You make a claim or promise, relating to your product and this module backs it up with proof. Result: increased conversions (usually)!

6- Risk Reversal.

Spending money on a new product or service represents a risk. You risk wasting your money on something that turns out to be useless to you.

This is why adding some form of risk reversal to your page will usually improve the conversion rate.

The simplest form of risk reversal is the money-back guarantee. Just state clearly that customers can easily and swiftly get a refund in case they are not satisfied. You can also build a stronger guarantee by making it more specific (such as guaranteeing a certain level of service, a certain outcome etc.).

7- What you get.

The “what you get” module has one simple purpose: make it unmistakably clear to your customer what they will receive after purchase.

To get started, list all the major components of your product (include specific details, such as the number of modules in a training course) and add an image of the product or an image representing all the different components of the product.

You can also add a mention of the support you offer and your guarantee in this module (yes, it’s perfectly okay to mention your guarantee more than once)..

8- Social Proof & Authority Proof.

Have you or your product been featured in any news outlets, magazines or well- known blogs in your niche? If so, boast about it on your sales page!

Do you have a large number of customers, members, subscribers or fans? Great! Another thing you should boast about on your landing page!

Try adding this module above the fold, so that it might get your visitor to think “I don’t know you, but if you were featured on my favourite blog/if 10,000 other people are using this product, it’s probably worth a look”.